OSNews: TrollTech CEO Haavard Nord on Qt 3.3, Qtopia, .NET/Mono, Linux, More

“On Monday, OSNews had the pleasure of talking face to face with
Trolltech’s CEO and founder, Haavard Nord. Mr Nord discussed with
us the new features found in Qt 3.3 (to be released on Wednesday),
Qtopia and the arising market of Linux in mobile phones as well as
in the business computer market.

“The new version is backwards compatible with the previous Qt
3.x releases and it adds support for the .NET Windows platform.
Developers will be able to write Qt code using any .NET-supported
language and will also be able to embed Qt elements in other
programs. Other Windows changes include full support for XP’s Style
and theming while a version of ActiveX for Qt, ActiveQt, also
sports improvements. The other major new feature on Qt 3.3 is full
support (tested and supported) for 64bit platforms, including
Opteron, Itanium and Apple G5.

“Other new features include support for IPv6 and backend support
for two more databases, SQL-lite and Borland Interbase. The
Macintosh version now has support for fully transparent windows,
while there have been some locale additions and changes, while QSA
1.1 features a number of improvements…”


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