osOpinion/NewsFactor: Apple’s OS X: What Linux Wants To Be?

“While OS X may have ease-of-use advantages over Linux,
for the most part the two operating systems do not compete in the
same sector, Aberdeen Group platform and servers analyst Bill
Claybrook told NewsFactor.

‘From an enterprise server point of view, Linux is the winner by
a big margin,’ Claybrook said. ‘I don’t expect to see Mac OS X
taking any market share away from Linux on the server side.’

Though Claybrook said he considers Mac OS X to be a good
operating system, he noted that it is not playing in the same
ballpark as Linux and will not do so in the future.

‘Linux is a legitimate threat to replace UNIX in many of UNIX’s
strongholds by 2008 or 2009,’ Claybrook said. ‘Mac OS X is no
threat at all.'”


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