osViews: Design Efficiency and Top-Down Development

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“I’ve been around the block enough times now to know to stay out
of debates about operating systems or open-source development.
People on all sides of such an issue get so unjustifiably set in
their opinions and get so personally riled up that no constructive
discussion typically survives. In the end, neither opinions nor
software are changed for the better by the effort.

“So then why am I sticking out my neck and writing to
osOpinions? Zeek Greko’s recent online article, Community: It’s Not
About Linux, It’s the Desktops, Stupid!, came dangerously close to
the truth about open-source development. It was so close to the
truth that it really pained me when it still completely missed the
mark. So I just have to jump in and add my two cents to steer
Zeek’s commentary home…”

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