Ottawa Citizen: Microsoft adopts new vision, slogan

Thanks to Peter Crane for
this link.

“Since the days when Microsoft Corp. founders Bill Gates and
Paul Allen were mere millionaires, the software giant’s vision has
been ‘a computer on every desk and in every home.’ Now, says Steve
Ballmer, wrapping up his first year as Microsoft’s president, it’s
time for a change.”

“At Microsoft’s annual financial analysts’ meeting yesterday,
Mr. Ballmer said the old slogan, useful in the days when a personal
computer was an oddity, had lost its relevance in the era of the
Internet and of countless new electronic devices.”

“Instead, Mr. Ballmer said, the new vision is: ‘Empower people
through great software anytime, any place and on any device.'”

“If that sounds vague, Mr. Ballmer said, it’s because it
reflects the broad number of arenas in which Microsoft must
compete: software systems for the largest corporations;
applications for small business; a vast array of new desktop,
handheld, TV- and cell phone-linked computing devices, consumer
software; and the Internet.”

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