PBS: The Pulpit: Have Another Cup?

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Big companies like IBM are embracing Java far more than
most people realize. Why? It is the same reason that made Java so
attractive when it was first introduced: The best thing about Java
is it makes Microsoft irrelevant….

“So half of IBM is busy recoding billions of lines of
line-of-business software to Java. The other half is working to
make Java run well on all platforms, and great on all future
platforms. Linux allows IBM to expand the scope of possible
platforms. This is an important aspect to IBM strategy that is easy
to misunderstand. Part of the importance of Linux to IBM has to do
with Java.”

“When this reengineering process is complete, the results should
be significant for customers. So you really like that travel agency
software you saw on an AS/400? Well it has now been rewritten. It
is graphical. It runs on almost every computer made. You can
integrate it with a web site or other applications. It is now MUCH
easier to do the integration. Oh by the way, if you want to run
this application on an NT server, we won’t hold you to 4.0 or force
you upgrade to 2000. You decide what version is best for you. Our
application will support it.”