PC Week: Has Web-based computing passed by Netscape Communications Corp.?

“We’re trying to stay neutral, but it gets to the point where
it’s almost like Netscape is getting in your way to progress
forward,” said Gary Freeman, vice president of advanced technology
for MRO.com Inc., a subsidiary of Project Software &
Development Inc. in Bedford, Mass., which runs a supply chain
portal. “We’ve done a lot of XML here. I want to bring it to the
browser, and I can’t have the boat anchor of Netscape saying I
can’t do it….”

The reasons for Communicator’s delay are many, but most
observers put the blame on AOL’s acquisition of Netscape late last
year and the decision to transfer all Communicator development to
the open-source Mozilla project.

“I, for one, have been disappointed with the outcome of
Mozilla,” said Mike Prince, chief information officer of Burlington
Coat Factory Warehouse Corp., of Burlington, N.J., which uses
Netscape. “I’m not sure in an open-system environment Netscape will
even wind up being the surviving browser.”

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