PC Week: Inprise C++ compiler to be available free on the Web

“Inprise Corp. will announce next week that it plans to
distribute version 5.5 of its Borland C++ compiler, along with
associated command-line tools, free via the Web.”

The free C++ 5.5 compiler will be the same code that makes
up the core of the commercial C++ Builder integrated visual
development environment
, said Inprise director Michael
Swindell. The compiler and its command-line tools will continue to
receive Inprise support and further development in parallel with
C++ Builder, whose version 5 update is scheduled to ship in March
and which enters final beta testing next week….”

“The compiler’s own source code is not planned for public
release, although, as reported earlier, Inprise’s InterBase 6 SQL
database product will be released in open-source form during the
first half of this year. The C++ Builder 5 product will also move
in the direction of public standards, with planned enhancements
including an XML-based project management tool for maintaining
complex projects.”