PC Week: Is Linux ready to graduate?

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” ‘A’ in clustering could carry the operating
system into corporate arena

“Linux is breathing new possibilities into server clustering as
new packages try to take large-scale Linux clustering beyond the
academic arena. For instance, CSP Inc. last month introduced a
hardware and software Linux server cluster aimed at both the
scientific world and ISPs (Internet service providers).”

“FastCluster, which runs Terra Soft Solutions Inc.’s Black Lab
Linux distribution, can be configured with as many as 64 IBM
PowerPC G3 or G4 processors in a 19-inch cabinet. Each processor
runs at 390MHz or 450MHz and has up to 256MB of memory. IT managers
can connect the cabinets through a high-speed Myrinet interconnect
from Myricom Inc., of Arcadia, Calif., to form a 1,000-processor
configuration, according to CSP officials in Billerica, Mass.”

“FastCluster supports Message Passing Interface applications, so
IT managers can develop parallel applications that run on numerous
nodes. It also supports VSIPL (Vector and Signal Processing
Library) and ISSPL-ALT (Industry Standard Signal Processing

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