PC Week: Netscape browser slims down, opens up

“It took a little over two years, but the world can finally see
the fruits of Netscape Communications Corp.’s entry into
open-source software with the preview release of Netscape 6 and
with it, perhaps, a renewal of the browser wars.”

“Netscape 6’s feature set breaks little new ground, and most of
its capabilities have been seen in other browsers. The aces in the
hole for Netscape are the browser’s portability and its streamlined

Netscape 6, which was slated to be available for free
download today, doesn’t merely support standards; it is built on
Much of its core technology is based on Extensible
Markup Language, Resource Description Format and other standards.
By committing to standards and gleaning the fruits of the
Mozilla.org open-source development effort, Netscape has built a
highly portable browser. The preview release is available — and
essentially identical — on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and there
are a number of Mozilla builds available on other operating