PC Week: OK, everyone, lets settle down

After watching Sun and Microsoft dance around, in and out
of court, for what seems an eternity, it’s time for some parental
figure to step in and politely suggest, “Hey, you nitwits, come to
your senses and settle!

“At the time the suit was filed, Sun was struggling to move Java
beyond the initial hype and convince developers and users that the
language was a viable development platform. Sun was
worried—and rightly so—that Microsoft would co-opt the
language as its own. So it took to the courts.”

“That’s no longer an issue; Sun is not in danger of losing
control of the language. Over the past two years, Java has
established itself as a maturing, stable server environment being
used in increasingly mission-critical ways, thanks to the work of
Sun, IBM, Oracle and others to advance the technology.”

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