PC Week: Win2000: appearance vs. reality

[ Thanks to Victor
for this link. ]

“The biggest product launch of the millennium-so far, anyway-is
history, and if all goes according to plan, hordes of computer
users will rush out to buy Windows 2000, the best software product
that Microsoft has ever produced.”

“Or so the marketers would have us believe. We can’t blame them
for doing their job, but the reality is vastly different. We’ll all
be better off if we can separate Windows 2000 myth from fact.”

Myth: First corporations, then home users will install
Windows 2000 as fast as possible. Fact: The adoption rate for
Windows 2000 will be perhaps the slowest in Microsoft
-certainly much slower than that of Windows 95 or
Windows 98. Windows 2000 is much more like the new Windows NT of
1993. It’s different, and people will do careful evaluations for
some months, and maybe years, before installing it.”