PC World: Why Microsoft Might Not Drag Its Feet

“…Microsoft’s strategy is to win on appeal–but delay that
appeal as long as possible. Delaying is standard legal practice.
It’s probably good legal strategy. But three things make it a very,
very risky business strategy for Microsoft.”

“Sinking Stocks… If big investors bail on Microsoft, the price
will fall even more. And that capital will flow to Microsoft’s
rivals, old and new–big enemies like IBM, Sun Microsystems, and
Oracle and small start-ups that could carve the ground from beneath
Microsoft’s feet.”

“Microsoft gives lip service to the idea that any competitor
might topple it at any time. That’s hogwash–but with dozens of
competitors attacking successfully on a dozen fronts, while
Microsoft’s top strategic brains are doing lawsuit damage control,
Microsoft is at risk.”

“Linux carves into NT’s turf. Palm dominates in handhelds.
America Online stomps all over Microsoft in instant messaging.
Microsoft can’t get a foothold in business-to-business exchanges or
high-end enterprise software. Every day Microsoft is distracted by
the antitrust case is running room for all those competitors, and
they know it.
They don’t have to catch Microsoft–just outrun


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