PenguinPPC.org: Non-Profit or Not?

[ Thanks to jeramy b
for this link. ]

I have been in many discussions over the past 8 months
about forming a non-profit PowerPC Linux group.
For holding
this site, for taking donations for developers, and for others
reasons people have wanted to take a stab at forming a non-profit
business. At first, I was wooed by the idea and perhaps a bit
enchanted by it. Because I was enchanted, I did not remember the
first cliche I learned in the business world.

“Don’t Reinvent the Wheel”

“This saying gets worn out sometimes but it still has value when
applied appropriately. After all, there are ordinary Linux
non-profits already like Linux International who can accept
donations. Why not ask one of these orgazinations to accept
earmarked funds for ppc/linux developement? Why form a new
corporation, go through the political bickering of forming a Board
of Directors, spend money on incorporation, tax preparation,
administrative work, etc. when there is already a Linux non-profit
out there? It is a plain _waste_ to reproduce this. LI could easily
ask for a community representative to ask how to distribute the
funds. Perhaps a developer in touch with “who needs what” could
perform this function.”


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