Peopleware Revisited

Geoff Eldridge (of elj-daily fame) writes:

This article provides an introduction to the issues raised
within the Peopleware domain and asserts that we, as IT
professionals, should place much more emphasis on the people part
of the business.

Have you ever worked on a project in which managers
artificially imposed impossible deadlines?

Have you experienced quality being sacrificed so that someone
else?s deadlines can be met?

Have you ever been in a project team that didn?t communicate
well and then found that the software your team developed didn?t
come close to matching user expectations?

Have you ever cursed the people who developed the software you
are trying to use?

Can you recall sitting in a meeting thinking: “this is a
pointless waste of my time”?

These and many other questions contribute to “Peopleware”, an
often-neglected subject in the Information Technology industry.
What is Peopleware? It is a term that encompasses interaction
between people and computers. As IT professionals, we can easily
focus too much on the technology rather than the people the
technology should be designed to help and the people involved in
providing the solutions.

[ The contents of the article ]

  • A Brief History of Peopleware [..]
  • What makes Successful Project Teams? [..]
  • People Use Tools, Methods and Interfaces [..]
  • Other Peopleware Issues [..]
  • “Son of Peopleware” [..]
  • Conclusion [..]
  • References [..]
  • About the Authors [..]


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