Performance Computing: Mark Hall — UNIX RIOT for July 2, 1999

“Having been out-PR’d by a series of wins by Red Hat,… Caldera
Systems finally had something to crow about… IBM agreed to ship
OpenLinux through its VAR channel…, the first Linux company to
sell its OS release through VARs.”

“So, will Mr. Noorda’s success with NetWare in the VAR
channel duplicate itself with Linux?… We’ll know for certain when
we start seeing classified ads for sys admins who have been
certified by the Linux Professional Institute…”

“Cygnus has gone after the Windows developer with its new IDE
for Linux. And the Windows and Mac developer giant Metrowerks also
has set its sights on winning over command-line-phobic application
writers… a grassroots effort called LinuxBridge… is dedicated
to being a one-stop Q&A port for Windows programmers wanting to
port their applications to Linux… Windows developers also have to
resist the temptation to attend the O’Reilly Open Source Software
Convention next month.”

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