Performance Computing: Reborn Linux, Revamped NT, And ASP On UNIX

“This journalism gig has its perks. It’s boring sometimes, but
occasionally I can revel in being witness to some major happening.
To be writing about technology now is to be an astronomer present
at a planetary alignment. The current and sustaining confluence of
new technologies is rare, wonderful, and exciting. I foresee no new
world order or consolidation of power. Instead, I envision more
choices, invention, competition, and companies changing the way
they do business because we demand it.”

“There are times when cool new technology grabs me so much that
I have to share it with you. So this month, I’ll discuss some of
the things that make me glad I’m in this business, and hopeful for
its future.”

“…I’m pleased with Linux 2.2 as a whole, and think of it as no
less than a server platform. I’ve been working with v. 2.2 since
its initial release, applying the patches as they appear. Red Hat
6.0 shipped with kernel 2.2.5 (as did OpenLinux 2.2), which looks
quick and stable. I expected nothing less. In any case, my hat’s
off to Red Hat for spotlighting GNOME, GTK+, and