Performance Computing: The State of Tcl

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“Over the last ten years, the Tcl scripting language has
progressed from its simple beginning as an embeddable command
language. It became popular in the early 1990s as a general-purpose
tool for creating UNIX GUIs, then spread to the Windows and
Macintosh platforms, Internet/Web applications, and a variety of
other environments involving integration or automation. Tcl is now
poised to play a major role for enterprise integration, XML, and
embedded devices.”

“I estimate there are more than 500,000 Tcl developers around
the world, and the number is nearly doubling each year. Last year
saw several interesting developments in the Tcl world, which
fostered further growth in Tcl usage.”

“Last year was an excellent year for open-source software in
general. The success of Linux raised awareness of open-source
software and helped many people understand its benefits.
Open-source software used to be thought of as flaky and unreliable,
but people are now coming to realize that the open-source
development process produces packages that are quite robust, often
more so than commercially developed systems. As a result, more
organizations are becoming comfortable using open-source packages.
This has benefited not just Linux, but also Tcl, Apache, Sendmail,
and many other open-source packages.”

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