Perl.com: Interview with Good Software Group founder

Tom Christiansen (of
Perl fame) writes:

“Here’s a wickedly amusing parody piece about the ‘Good
Software Group’. I believe it should speak for itself.”

“The following is an interview by Hired Magazine, the monthly
magazine devoted to commerce and trade, with Gilbert Oram Dawson,
the founder of the Good Software Group.”

“It’s a great feeling to see just about everyone either using or
else wanting to use Good Software. It proves that I am the
visionary I always told you I was. But I’ll tell you this: it hurts
me that most people don’t realize that without the Good Software
Group, they probably wouldn’t even have any Good Software. In fact,
most people who use Good Software have barely even heard of the
GSG. It really wounds me to be so under-appreciated, even after all
the Good Software that I’ve personally created for the world.”

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