PIKT, Problem Informant/Killer Tool, v1.7.0 released

[ Linux Today reader Robert Osterlund
writes: ]

PIKT, an innovative new paradigm for administering
heterogeneous networked workstations, is a multi-functional tool
for monitoring systems, reporting and fixing problems, and managing
system configurations.
PIKT comprises an embedded scripting
language with unique, labor-saving features; a sophisticated script
(and system config file) preprocessor, scheduler, and installer;
and other useful tools. Like a Swiss Army Knife, PIKT is a category
buster with many, many different uses limited only by your
ingenuity and imagination.

Highlights of 1.7.0: Enhanced ease of use by: adding a new
simplified configs_starter file set; using macro tricks to reduce
config file clutter; introducing preprocessor line indentation;
adding more helpful commentary and debugging. Introduced a new
application: documentation management and text formatting. Fixed
several non-trivial bugs. Ported to HP-UX.

PIKT is distributed under the GNU General Public License.
Available now for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Solaris, and SunOS.
(Other ports are planned.) For more info, and complete source code,
documentation, and data files (all 50,000+ lines of it), please
visit the PIKT Web site at: http://pikt.uchicago.edu/pikt.”

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