Pixcon 1.08 Release – freeware 2D-3D package

As posted to C.O.L.A.

Hi :)

I'm happy to announce that Pixcon/Anitroll/Gamegine release 1.08 is available
to the public.

What is Pixcon you may ask?  Pixcon is a set rendering and animation tools
that include:

        - a render that creates high quality images by using a combination
          of 11 rendering primitives.

        - a dynamic/kinematic hiearchical based animation system w/ support
          for "flock of birds", autonomous cameras, and flight models.

        - a real time system designed for game development.

        - libraries and source code for customizing and developing 2D/3D tools.

If you aren't convinced yet, I invite you to look at the Pixcon Home page at:


  * Available for Pentium-Linux, DOS/Win95, and SGI-IRIX 6.5

BTW, If you have any comments email me at [email protected]

Have fun :)


New features since version 1.07:

           - fixed bug in the particle class
           - fixed bug in the texvid class
           - convert manual to HTML
           - ported MAX plugin to MAX R2
           - added Watcom11 .tgt/.wpj files
           - doesn't require libieee  (doesnt exist anymore)

           - several changes to GAMEGINE:
              - started port to Linux/SGI platform
              - upgrade to DirectX6.0
              - added animated flats
              - rendering engine is 25-30% faster
              - dropped the -X2 option
              - fixed slowdown bug in the midi player
              - added multiple camera views
              - added hat controls for cockpit view control
              - added an explosion node
              - improved object vs object collision