plasma in 18-24 months?

“In my last blog entry, I mentioned QtComponents, QML and the
new Qt scene graph and then vaguely alluded to profound
implications for Plasma. I will not tease you, dear reader, for
longer than necessary: this blog entry contains my current
preliminary thinking on the what this could all mean for Plasma
going forward.

“First, I’d like to note that none of this would be possible
without the fantastic work going on at Nokia’s Qt development
offices. They are tackling hard and interesting problems with gusto
and producing some very nice results in the process. QtComponents
is being developed very much in the open right from the start: an
open mailing list for all dev discussion, a public git repo that
even contains experiments and early code sketches, a set of use
cases and open tasks in Jira. Outreach to community members such as
myself, which allowed me to join their design sessions last week,
is just one more piece of this. This open from end-to-end, right
from the beginning development model is part of the “new Qt”
ecosystem that is the culmination of years of consistent effort on
the part of many individuals involved with Qt. It’s paying off now,
and I hope that all new Qt components undertake a similar, or even
the exact same, type of approach.

“Enough about that, however… what does all this new stuff mean
for Plasma?”