PRNewswire: Alias/Wavefront Announces Universal Rendering Policy for Maya 3

“Alias|Wavefront(TM), an SGI (NYSE: SGI) company, today
announced additional details about its upcoming release of the
Maya(R) version 3 software. New features will include a universal
rendering policy that enables Maya Complete(TM) and Maya
Unlimited(TM) customers to “float” the Maya Batch Renderer across
any number of machines on Windows NT(R), IRIX(R) and Linux(TM)
platforms. Maya 3’s new features and liberalized rendering policies
will further bolster its best of class status as the tool for next
generation game development and the industry’s most powerful
solution for digital content creation.”

“Maya 3, the fifth major release of Maya in less than three
years, incorporates numerous user interface and workflow
improvements. This release continues Maya’s long standing focus on
feature synergy, which allows for the cross use of tools throughout
the entire production process. Major enhancements in Maya 3
include: Trax(TM), the non-linear motion compositor for video, film
and games users; fully integrated Subdivision Surfaces, Maya
Artisan(TM) texture paint; rendering enhancements; plus, across the
board improvements in user interface and workflow.”

“Maya Complete 3 and Maya Unlimited 3 with universal
rendering will ship this summer for Windows NT and Silicon
Graphics(R) IRIX, with the Linux renderer to follow.”

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