PRNewswire: Allaire Announces New Release of ColdFusion for Linux At…Developer’s Conference

“Allaire Corporation…announced to a crowd of over 1,200
developers a new version of its cross platform Web application
server, ColdFusion. As one of the first commercial application
servers for Linux, ColdFusion 4.5 gives the rapidly growing Linux
community a powerful new platform for building and delivering
enterprise and e-commerce systems.”

“With the 4.5 release, ColdFusion will run natively on UNIX and
deliver several other major new enterprise features including
service-level failover, integration with Enterprise JavaBeans
(EJB), and expanded XML support. These new features will give
ColdFusion customers the ability to achieve higher availability and
better performance on large-scale applications and enhanced
integration with new and existing enterprise business systems.”

“There is no question that web application development is moving
into the mainstream of IT organizations in leading companies world
wide, and we’re hearing strong demand for UNIX, Java and XML
support,” said Adam Berrey, product marketing director for Allaire.
With this release of ColdFusion, we are decisively answering
that demand and putting Allaire in a position to meet the needs of
the highly strategic Linux community.

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