PRNewswire: AudioToday — an Internet Audio News Site is Launched

“AudioToday… is being officially launched today to provide
news and information to the Internet audio community. The site
will focus on the evolution of the Internet as a medium for music
and video entertainment
(and related areas: tech, legal,
copyrights, legislation, trends and more). AudioToday will allow
Internet users to view a wide range of information related to the
online music revolution and its causes/effects.

“News, editorials, and feature stories will be offered through
the site, along with several supporting services. These services
will include an array of resources collected and maintained by
AudioToday’s editors, job listings for audio related projects /
talent, and a PR pipeline for audio related press releases.”

“In addition, a lineup of audio programs will be developed with
The Green Witch Internet Radio…”

“Green Witch, LLC is a technology, music and infrastructure
company. A broadcaster, consultant, developer, service provider,
industry observer, and Research and Development Lab, The Green
Witch Internet Radio supports Open Source development, and helps
create properties such as AudioToday. By reducing outmoded
distribution costs with ‘free’ technology, the focus of the
entertainment industries will return to the real source of value —
the artists and entertainers.”

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