PRNewswire: Collaborative Development Forum Sponsored by Key Industry Vendors & Leading Trade Press

IBM to Discuss Open Standards and Technologies; OpenAvenue
And Harvard’s Alan MacCormack to Discuss Evolution of the Open
Source Model.

“OpenAvenue, the leading provider of Collaborative Development
Portals, announced today that they have joined a group of industry
leading sponsors to promote and host the CollabDev Seminars
examining the issues and advantages for open standards and the
collaborative development process. The seminars, sponsored by IBM
and OpenAvenue and produced and promoted by the BrainStorm Group
and Software Magazine, will explore how technology vendors,
commercial development organizations, systems integrators and IT
consultants can successfully leverage the concepts and practices of
Open Standards and the Open Source model for e-business, Internet
and internal development projects.”

“The CollabDev Seminars feature presentations on collaborative
software development strategies, and solutions that leverage open
technologies and standards for an open e-business foundation. Alan
MacCormack, assistant professor at Harvard Business School and
author of “Developing Products on Internet Time” will present the
keynote address, “Open for Business.” The host and moderator for
the events will be John Desmond, editorial director at Software
Magazine. He will moderate a discussion panel featuring key
industry analysts and executives from Sprint PCS, Federal Express,
IBM and Cambridge Interactive. The program runs for four hours and
includes ample opportunity for audience interaction.”

Press Release