PRNewswire: CYRANO Confirms its Move to the Open Source Development Model

“CYRANO today disclosed its plans to embrace the Open Source
model of development, an aggressive move that will enable CYRANO to
harness the reliability and robustness of peer-reviewed code, while
extending product lifecycles beyond the initial release. The
technology being released to the Open Source community is OpenSTA
(Open System Testing Architecture), a distributed software
architecture based on CORBA. In its first release the product
toolset will have the capability of performing HTTP and HTTPS heavy
load tests with performance measurement. CYRANO plans to post the
source code beginning with the 0.9.0 developer release, expected by
the end of September 2000….”

OpenSTA will be licensed under the GNU GPL (GNU General
Public License). This means that everyone has the rights to use,
modify, and redistribute the program’s code or any program derived
from it but only if the distribution terms are

“CYRANO, is one of the world leaders in Web performance,
security and application management. CYRANO competes with Mercury
Interactive, Compuware, Segue and Rational Software for web
performance testing. For further information, visit

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