PRNewswire: Enlightenment Development Team Releases Enlightenment 0.16

“The Enlightenment development team announced that it has
released its newest version, 0.16, of the Enlightenment window
manager for Linux (and other UNIX environments), making a major
leap in the visual possibilities offered in graphical desktop
environments today.”

“The premise behind Enlightenment is simple: users are given
unprecedented control and flexibility in configuring how their
desktops should look, feel and behave. For example, users can
specify exactly how window borders, titlebars, and buttons look,
how they move, and how they work. Users can use desktop themes
downloaded from Internet sites such as e.themes.org…or create
their own themes, and set their user preferences in Enlightenment
through convenient dialogs.”

The initial response to Enlightenment 0.16 has been very
enthusiastic,” said Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman), one of the
developers of Enlightenment.
“Many people have commented that
0.16 not only looks dazzling — it also serves as a solid,
functional graphical shell. It demonstrates that you can have your
desktop be functional, configurable and aesthetically

Press Release

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