PRNewswire: GMTI Installs 19 Linux-Based Systems

“Gannett Media Technologies International (GMTI(R)) announced
the completion of 19 Digital Collections DC3 L-Systems….”

“The DC3 L-System is a digital asset management system that
serves as a news library system as well as a photo archive system.
The base system price is $24,900 — which includes software,
installation and training. PC server hardware is optional at $8,500
with an external 45 Gigabyte RAID subsystem, or $5,000 18 Gigabytes
of internal storage (no RAID). GMTI first introduced the system to
US newspapers in November 1998. The PC server-based application
runs on the Linux operating system from Red Hat. Its growing
popularity is due to the reliability and performance boost that the
Linux operating system delivers for a typical PC server. Prior
to the availability of the Linux operating system, similar levels
of performance could only be attained by investing in much more
costly RISC-based UNIX(R) servers.

“Gannett Media Technologies International (GMTI), a subsidiary
of Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI), is a systems integrator and
software developer serving the printing and publishing industry.
GMTI products are engineered to increase revenues, reduce operating
costs, and position businesses for the future.”

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