PRNewswire: Lineo Names Greg Hill as CFO And Matt Harris as VP Business Development/General Counsel

“Harris and Hill to Oversee Rapid Market Expansion and
Investments at Lineo In Response to Embedded Linux Market

“Lineo(TM), Inc., the leading provider of embedded Linux(R)
software, today announced the naming of Greg Hill as Chief
Financial Officer and Matt Harris as Vice President of Business
Development/General Counsel. Hill and Harris will provide the
necessary financial and legal oversight demanded by the rapid
expansion Lineo is experiencing in embedded Linux interest and
market growth.”

“Lineo, which leads the development of embedded Linux system
software, is aggressively partnering with the industry’s leading
semi-conductor and device manufacturers, and embedded software
vendors to fuel the acceptance and deployment of Linux in a broad
spectrum of embedded devices and appliances. Lineo bases Embedix,
Lineo’s embedded Linux product line, on sister company Caldera
Systems’ OpenLinux product. Visit www.lineo.com for detailed
information on Lineo, its products and partners.”

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