PRNewswire: Motorola Expands Software Communications Initiative to…Support Linux

“Motorola (NYSE: MOT) today announced the next phase in its
strategy to capitalize on the rapidly emerging software
communications market by unveiling plans to expand its product
line through DSL and Linux-based solutions that will support
broadband communications and other platforms.
The move comes
as PC prices continue to fall and users demand more speed,
portability and compatibility with operating systems including
Windows(R) and Linux.”

“Software communications and Linux are growing rapidly in the
server, embedded and PC client markets where they are ideal for
communications-intensive applications such as file and e-commerce
servers, alternative PCs, home gateways and set-top boxes.
Motorola’s support for Linux is expected to enable PC and embedded
OEMs and end users to enjoy the benefits of software communications
in these areas. For OEMs embracing the Linux market, expected
benefits include lower hardware support costs and the ability to
avoid common obsolescence factors. End users embracing Linux are
expected to benefit from substantially easier upgrades, cost
savings and the ability to modify open source modules for
customized applications.”

“”Software communications has seen mass adoption and our strong
working relationships with Intel and Microsoft, as well as major PC
OEMs, have helped Motorola become a dominant player in this
market,” said Mike Tramontano, director of marketing for Motorola’s
Software Products Division. “The growing demand for high-speed
broadband technologies such as DSL and the low cost, scalability
and open source of Linux make both a natural fit for software
communications. I believe the benefits of our technology can help
drive the growth of DSL and Linux and aid their expansion into
emerging markets.””

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