PRNewswire: ONTRACK Remote Data Recovery(TM) Service Now Supports Linux Operating Systems

“ONTRACK Data International, Inc….a leading provider of data
availability software and service solutions, announced today the
availability of Remote Data Recovery(TM) services for Linux
operating systems. The new service allows computer users to recover
software-related data loss quickly and cost-effectively using a
standard phone link.”

Expanding our Remote Data Recovery services to include
Linux is part of our strategy to offer data recovery solutions for
the entire spectrum of computer users — from simple do-it-yourself
data recoveries to complex operations in the enterprise
,” said Mike Rogers, CEO of Ontrack. “Now Linux
users can recover their most mission-critical data in a quick and
cost-effective method….”

“According to Rogers, many users turn to backup tapes to
retrieve lost data files. Unfortunately, the ability to restore
lost data is directly related to the last time the system was
backed up and the quality of that process. “The remote data
recovery capabilities on Linux operating systems builds on our goal
to provide a full spectrum of service levels to the broadest line
of operating systems across generations of machine platforms,” he

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