PRNewswire: PowerQuest Delivers Linux Support for Imaging, Deploying Computers

“PowerQuest(R) Corp. announces the addition of SmartSector(R)
support for Linux ext2 and Linux Swap partitions in Drive Image(R)
Pro 3.01, the latest update of PowerQuest’s solution for imaging
and deploying PC workstations in minutes. With this version of
Drive Image Pro, Linux users can clone their Linux computers and
servers for fast setup and disaster recovery using PowerQuest’s
patented SmartSector technology.”

The use of Linux by PowerQuest customers has more than
doubled over the past 18 months, and we want to provide a fast,
convenient means for users to manage and deploy Linux desktops and
,” said Brad Dew, director of product marketing at
PowerQuest. “Drive Image Pro gives Linux users an exact image of
their systems, which can be deployed on multiple workstations
within minutes or instantly restored for disaster recovery.”

“SmartSector technology included in Drive Image Pro speeds the
imaging of Linux operating systems by reading only used sectors on
the disk. Other imaging solutions use a file-by-file copy method,
which is inherently slower, especially on fragmented or optimized
hard drives. Because Drive Image Pro 3.01 also includes
PowerQuest’s PartitionMagic(R) Professional 5.0 and BootMagic(R)
2.0, Linux users can easily create and manipulate new partitions
and set up a computing environment that runs multiple operating

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