PRNewswire: R3vis Corporation Launches OpenRM, an Open Source Scene Graph API

“A New Dawn for Graphics Applications Developers – The Acclaimed
OpenRM Scene Graph Makes its Open Source Debut Today.”

“While the heart of Wall Street remains infatuated with
ecommerce and other dot.com endeavors, there is a quiet force
diligently at work in the technical community. Although the
significance of network-based technologies such as ecommerce cannot
be overstated, it is easy to overlook technologies that form the
underpinnings of future applications, including distributed,
location-based entertainment, multi-participant experiences,
virtual shopping malls and museums. One such underpinning is
graphics technology, which is responsible for the conversion of raw
data and numbers into vivid and compelling images. A digital
spreadsheet of numbers might not move you to tears, but a visual
depiction of such information might show an image of your newborn
baby. Graphics and display technology makes that magic a

“With so much riding on the future, R3vis Corporation is hard at
work on fundamental graphics technology, and is pleased to announce
the 1 March debut of OpenRM Scene Graph, a graphics development
environment. “Technology similar to OpenRM Scene Graph is today
sold for thousands of dollars per user,”
says Wes Bethel,
President and Chief Technology Officer of R3vis Corporation.
By transitioning this fundamental technology into the Open
Source community, we can look forward to increased synergy

within portions of the graphics community, which in turn results in
an accelerated rate of development in next-generation graphics

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