PRNewswire: Salon.com Announces Sponsors of the Free Software Project

“Today, Salon.com ((Nasdaq: SALN); www.salon.com), one of the
leading Internet media convergence companies, announced that two
leaders in the free software industry, VA Linux Systems
(Nasdaq: LNUX) and TurboLinux, will sponsor the Free Software
, an innovative destination on Salon Technology, one of
the 11 sites on the Salon.com Web network.”

“The Free Software Project (
http://www.salon.com/tech/fsp ) is a comprehensive resource for
information on the open-source movement as well as a unique venture
in online book publishing, combining the professionalism and
quality of Salon.com’s technology coverage with the
all-contributions-welcome spirit of the free software movement
itself. The site draws largely on the reporting of Andrew
Leonard, senior technology writer for Salon Technology, who has
been covering the news, culture and technology of the free software
, also known as open source and widely recognized for
its application in Linux-based operating systems, since 1997. For
the past few months, he has been directing his reporting toward
Salon.com’s interactive book publishing project — the Free
Software Project.”

“”TurboLinux wanted to participate in the Free Software Project
at Salon.com because of the high quality of the content at the
site,” said Lonn Johnston, vice president of marketing for
TurboLinux. “Andrew Leonard has quickly established himself as one
of the leading journalists covering this extraordinary new market
and software development model.””

Press Release