PRNewswire: SGI Digital Media Software Development Kit to Be Released To Open Source Community

“SGI, a leading provider of solutions for the digital media
industry, today announced that it will soon release the source code
for its SGI digital media software development kit (dmSDK) for the
Linux operating environment. The dmSDK toolkit shortens the time
required to create digital media applications across the SGI
product line by allowing SGI software partners to write to a single
application programming interface (API).”

dmSDK provides developers with the first professional,
comprehensive digital media API for Linux, making the toolkit a key
enabler to allow people in the digital media industry to use this
increasingly popular OS.
Equally important, the cross-platform
capability of dmSDK creates an easy bridge for current SGI
developers wanting to leverage their IRIX operating system software
development to quickly bring Linux products to market.”

“The dual-platform capability of dmSDK is a very positive step
toward our ability to develop applications that are IRIX and Linux
cross-platform capable,” said Michael Hughes, vice president of
Product Development, Discreet.”

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