PRNewswire: The Sun-Netscape Alliance Releases PKI Library Source Code

“The Sun-Netscape Alliance (Alliance) announces today that it
plans to contribute its public key infrastructure (PKI) source code
to mozilla.org. This open source release will provide the
industry with proven cross-platform PKI libraries that enable
software developers to integrate higher levels of security into
their applications.
The contribution will include a version of
the Netscape Security Services (NSS) and Personal Security Manager
(PSM) solutions. The Alliance release coincides with the US
Department of Commerce announcement that it has released new
regulations which will further enable the increased export of
certain encryption source code.”

“The Alliance views security as a critical component to the
global e- commerce market,” said Mark Tolliver, president and
general manager for the Sun-Netscape Alliance. “Our contribution
has provided the development community with proven PKI technology
which, by making it freely available, will set the stage for
transforming the e-commerce marketplace with innovative

“NSS is a security software development package that provides
easy-to- integrate, Internet-ready Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS)
and public-key security capabilities through an industry proven
flexibility architecture. NSS is the security architecture for most
of the Alliance server products including iPlanet Certificate
Management System, iPlanet Web Server, iPlanet Directory Server,
and iPlanet Messaging Server. Developers will now be able to
efficiently incorporate the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) protocol
and cryptographic token support (PKCS#11) into their applications
using the NSS cross-platform application programming

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