PRNewswire: Themes.org Relaunches With ‘Themeable’ Look and Feel

“VA Linux Systems announced today that Themes.org, a leading
repository of desktop themes for open source window managers, has
introduced an advanced “themeability” feature that allows visitors
to customize the look and feel of the Themes.org web site

Visitors to the Themes.org web site are now able to select
from 15 different site themes that are modeled after major open
source window managers.
Themes.org is the official theme
repository for most of the leading open source window managers
including AfterStep, BlackBox, Enlightenment, KDE and

“There are currently more than 1900 different desktop themes
available from Themes.org, which are suitable for any UNIX or X
Window System desktop. The flexibility of emerging window managers
such as Enlightenment enables users to customize their Linux and
UNIX desktops to look however they want — whether they want their
desktops to resemble the Microsoft Windows(R) or MacOS(TM)
environments, or show off the most avant-garde designs available

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