PRNewswire: uniView Opens its Linux OS Set Top Box Platform to Linux Developers

“uniView Technologies Corp…announced today a development
effort that will enable its current and future set top boxes to
support the Linux OS. Leveraging the dedication and innovation of
the hundreds of thousands of Linux developers, and the new
applications being made available for Linux OS, will expand the
versatility of the uniView platforms. The uniView 210 is currently
running the Linux OS and is available for development

“By adding the uniView 210 set top box to the Linux support
list, uniView joins industry leaders such as Dell, Compaq and IBM
who are all developing computers for the Linux OS. Currently Linux
has over 15 million users, making it the fastest growing OS in the

As a leader in the set top box industry, uniView will add
versatility and cost efficiency by incorporating solutions built
around Linux applications
,” said Patrick A. Custer, president
and CEO of uniView Technologies. “The potential for innovative
features increases significantly due to the large Linux development
community and the Open Source OS.”

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