Putting the OpenDocument Foundation to Bed (Without its Supper)

“Wednesday I attended the W3C Technical Plenary Day festivities,
which included a brief press conference with Tim Berners-Lee,
interesting insights into the W3C’s work in progress and future
plans, and much more (you can view the agenda here). And it also
gave me a chance to sit with Chris Lilley, a W3C employee whose
responsibilities include Interaction Domain Leader, Co-Chair W3C
SVG Working Group, W3C Graphics Activity Lead and Co-Chair, W3C
Hypertext CG. What that combination of titles means is that he is
the ‘go to’ guy at W3C to learn what W3C’s CDF standard is all

“CDF is one of the very many useful projects that W3C has been
laboring on, but not one that you would have been likely to have
heard much about. Until recently, that is, when Gary Edwards, Sam
Hiser and Marbux, the management (and perhaps sole remaining
members) of the OpenDocument Foundation decided that CDF was the
answer to all of the problems that ODF was designed to address.
This announcement gave rise to a flurry of press attention that Sam
Hiser has collected here. As others (such as Rob Weir) have already
documented, these articles gave the Foundation’s position far more
attention than it deserved…”

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