Qt and the Future of KDE

“Following Nokia’s recent announcement about its future smart
phone development strategy, KDE has received a lot of questions.
Many of these questions have been related to the future of KDE and
KDE’s commitment to the Qt framework. In this statement we set out
what we see as a bright future for Qt and KDE software.


“We chose Qt in 1996 because it offered the best software
development framework. Today, it still does. Over the last fifteen
years, KDE has worked to ensure that Qt will always be available,
leading to the creation of agreements such as that which underpins
the KDE Free Qt Foundation. The future of Qt has been further
strengthened in recent years by Nokia’s decisions to release it
under the LGPL and begin the process of giving the community
greater influence through Open Governance. We are working with our
partners to speed up this process and make Open Governance a
reality. In the meantime, we welcome Nokia’s ongoing commitment to
Qt, as well as their continued support of KDE, as a Patron and as a
sponsor of our annual conference.”