Release Digest: August 29, 2002

Guikachu 1.3.1

Dear users of both large and small computing tools,

A new development release of Guikachu is available.
About Guikachu
Guikachu is a GNOME application for graphical editing of resource
files for PalmOS-based pocket computers. The user interface is
modelled after Glade, the GNOME UI builder.

Catch it all from http://cactus.rulez.org/projects/guikachu/

 * Uses GNOME-VFS, you can load files from anywhere, e.g. from the
   Web, from an SMB share, from a tarball.
 * Exporting to PilRC .rcp files
 * Support for non-PalmOS PilRC targets (like the eBookMan)
 * String and string list resources
 * Dialog resources
 * Menu resources
 * Form resources
 * Per-application resources (e.g. version number)
 * WYSIWYG Form Editor, with drag & drop capability and visual resizing
 * XSLT style sheets and shell script to generate RCP files from
   Guikachu documents
 * Sample file with sample GNU PalmOS SDK-based application
 * Documentation (a complete user's manual)

About these releases
This release is part of the 1.3 development branch, so it's all about
crazy experimentations and nto about providing a polished, well-tested
product -- so don't quite replace your 1.2 Guikachu just yet.

New features and improvements:
        * Fixed property editor race conditions introduced in 1.3.0
        * Files from the command line are loaded again
        * Table dimensions are correctly exported for PalmOS 3.5+
        * New standalone guikachu2rcp executable to replace XSLT-based
        * Multi-line property editor for labels
        * GNOME-VFS-based I/O, allowing you to open Guikachu files
          from the Web and more

Guikachu uses GTKmm and GNOMEmm for its user interface. I/O is
implemented via GNOME-VFS, the XML storage format is managed with the
libxml package. Dialog windows are loaded via libglade. GConf is used
to store user preferences. You will need the versions of these
packages available in the GNOME 1.4 bundle (with the exception of
GNOMEmm which you will need to upgrade to version 1.2.0).
To actually create the PalmOS resource files, you will also need PilRC
(part of the GNU PalmOS SDK) to compile the .rpc files produced by

Beware of bugémons!


   .--= ULLA! =----------------------.   `We are not here to give users what
       http://cactus.rulez.org          they want'  -- RMS, at GUADEC 2001
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The B in GNOME stands for "Butt"


Eye of Gnome 1.0.3

Hello everyone,

"Eye of Gnome" 1.0.3 has been released.

* What is "Eye of Gnome"?

  Eye of Gnome is an image viewer for the Gnome desktop. It uses the
  core Gnome infrastructure like bonobo, gconf and gnome-vfs intensively.
  Additionally, it's bonobo component is used as the default image viewer
  within Nautilus for Gnome2. Eye of Gnome shows and zooms even large
  images very fast and in good quality.

* Changes/fixes in this release:

 * Use whole screen in fullscreen mode (Jens).
 * Fixed eog.desktop to match the desktop spec - #90956 (Ross Burton).
 * Toggle fullscreen mode with F11 - #89513 (Jens).
 * Use consistent error messages - #85222 (Jens).
 * Doc updates (Sander Vesik, Thomas Meeks).
 * Translation updates: Duarte Loreto (pt), Takayuki KUSANO (ja),
   Christophe Merlet (fr), Peteris Krisjanis (lv),
   Christian Meyer (de), Andras Timar (hu), Stanislav Brabec (cs)

* Requirements:

  EoG 1.0.3 requires the Gnome 2.0 development platform.

* Availability:


Please report bugs and/or feature requests through bugzilla.gnome.org/.  Use the
EOG module and choose 1.0.3 as version.

Best wishes,


"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as if
it were a nail." - A. Maslow            -= http://triq.net/~pearl =-


gtkmm 1.3.22

*** gtkmm2

gtkmm provides a C++ interface to GTK+. This development branch of gtkmm
wraps gtk+ 2.0.x.

We are now seriously pushing for a binary API frozen 2.0 release. There
are no known API issues apart from these, which will be punted to some
future version:

*** Changes

* Win32:
  - Don't include strings.h on Win32.
  - Use -fnative-struct, as used by GTK+ DLLs.
  - Install win32 import libraries.
  (Naofumi Yasufuku)
  - Don't try to register non-wrapped classes. (Murray Cumming)

* Sun Forte build fixes. (Michael v. Szombathely)

API breakage:
* pangomm:
  - Added Rectangle, Language, Color, Item, Glyph, Attributes, Attr, AttrItem.
  - Used these wrappers in other class methods.
  - Added some wrapper methods.
  (Martin Schulze)
  Excuse for breakage: pangomm isn't used much directly so this shouldn't break much.
* Added Gdk::Window::set_cursor(void) to reset the cursor. (Murray Cumming)
  Excuse: It's additional API so it doesn't break anything.

*** Download


You will need the alpha release of libsigc++1.1, available here: 

If you wish to install this in parallel with gtk--1.2, you will first 
need to update to the latest libsigc++1.0.x, available here: 

*** Development 

This is an unstable release, currently under heavy development. You can find 
cvs instructions here: 

The CHANGES file describes some of the more significant differences 
compared to gtkmm 1.2: 

There is also ongoing discussion on the mailing list: 
and in the #c++ channel on irc.gnome.org/  

Murray Cumming




Gnome Xsu 0.2.4 for Gnome 1.x a.k.a. xsu-0.2.4
Gnome Xsu 0.2.4 for Gnome 2.x a.k.a. xsu2-0.2.4

Gnome Xsu is an interface for the command `su - username -c command` in
Gnome. When the user executes xsu, he/she will be prompted for a
command, a username and a password. If the username and password are
correct xsu will execute the command as the entered user. So if the
username was root, then the command will be executed as root.

Gnome 2.0 version : Initial version (first port)
Gnome 1.0 version : Only a few minor memleak fixes

I will nolonger maintain the Gnome 1.0 version. I will only fix urgent
bugs if any.


Release tarballs
  For Gnome 2.x
  For Gnome 1.x

Debian packages (By Robert Millan)
  FreeBSD port (By Juan Salaverria)

Mandrake and RedHat packages (By Philip Van Hoof)
  For Gnome 2.x
  For Gnome 1.x


The Gnome 2.0 port :
  cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.xsu.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/xsu login
  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.xsu.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/xsu co  
     -P xsu2

The Gnome 1.0 version :
  cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.xsu.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/xsu login
  cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.xsu.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/xsu co
     -P xsu



Philip Van Hoof


XML Security Library 0.0.9


XML Security Library 0.0.9


Implementation of XML Security specs: XML Digital Signature, XML
Encryption, etc.

Few bugs were reported against previous release packaging and some of them
make it unusable. New XML Security Library 0.0.9 release fixes all known
problems and should be used instead of any previous releases. 



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