Release Digest: General, December 21, 2003

[ Thanks to Miguel
for this link. ]

xine-lib 1-rc3 is a maintenance release: Lots of bugs have been
fixed, most of the code has been reviewed and cleaned up, and many
little details are improved. Compared to 1-rc2, you’ll probably

  • much smoother subtitles
  • smaller startup delay
  • improved stability

Full changelog:

xine-lib (1-rc3)

  • fix dvd menu blending when using tvtime plugin (yuy2
  • fix problems with some more elaborate post plugin setups
  • discontinuity problems in audio only streams fixed
  • fix a bug in the id3v2.2 parsing code
  • fix best streams choice in mmsh
  • updated internal copy of ffmpeg with a lot of warning
  • help texts for video post plugins
  • fix pts handling bug that caused long freezing in some animated
    dvd menus
  • configfile beautification (values set to default are now
    commented out)
  • fix some more problems with jumpy non-MPEG NTSC streams on the
  • handle comments in rpm playlist files
  • realaudio demuxer improvements including support for 14.4 codec
    and reading meta info
  • post plugin for ffmpeg libpostprocess (pp)
  • updated win32 MSVC port
  • default to menu button 1, if an invalid button is set (fixes
    main menu of “Alice in Wonderland” RC2)
  • fix yuy2 output on mga_vid vidix driver
  • fix syncing code of audio visualization post plugins (goom
    video does not jump any more)
  • problem with long frame durations fixed
  • seek timeout in RIP input plugin
  • support for saved files bigger than 2 GB
  • new unscaled overlay feature (using XShape extension) text
    subtitles may now be rendered at full screen resolution
  • load xine fonts on demand – faster startup
  • decoder priority can be changed without restarting
  • fix length of mpeg 2 audio vbr streams
  • use AUDIODEV enviroment variable on Sun
  • text subtitles improvements and bugfixes
  • unified handling of external subtitles and ogg subtitles
  • detect end of real rtsp streams
  • fix tvtime segfaults
  • fix performance problems of RTP/UDP plugin
  • fix crash with really long subtitle/language names in ogm/off
  • lots of internal cleanup
  • fix crash when using the save plugin with mmst
  • =id3v2.3 parser
  • fix playback of 8 bit sound when the soundcard doesn’t support


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