Release Digest: GNOME, August 13, 2002

GTransferManager 0.4.12


    GTransferManager 0.4.12


    GTransferManager allows the user to retrieve multiple files
    from the web. These files can be retrieved in multiple parts
    and each part retrieved on a separate session that the user
    is connected to the Internet. This is most useful to users
    with dialup


    * Translations updated and added new ones.

    * Make GTM work with galeon 2. Thanks to Philip Langdale
     for the patch.

    * GTM can now detach from wget and let it run in the background.
    Thanks to Robert Millan  for the patch.

    * MIME support to open downloaded files. Thanks to Mark Heily
     for this patch.

    * GTM now works with wget 1.8.1. Thanks to Philip Langdale
     for the patch. Many thanks to many others
    who took the time to come up with a patch to fix this.

    * The applet now opens GTM if the network is on. This is by default
    off but you can change it on the applet properties.

    * New proxy option to allow the user to use the same proxy options
    for all the protocols. Thanks to Markus Saarinen 
    for the piece of code.




Gnumeric 1.1.7

Gnumeric 1.1.7 aka '11x3 + 1' is now available.

    This release some nice new functions, Jukka Pekka has been busy.  We're
    well past Excel in spots and he's gunning for @RISK.  I've tacked on few
    frequently requested UI improvements (eg double click to edit).  The import
    export routines have also seen a fair amount of work.  Excel export is
    improved, it is significantly faster and uses less memory.  It even fixes
    the column resizing bug (thanks Keelyn).  Excel import is beginning to
    support external links, and I've thrown in a handler for polygon objects so
    that we can support those nifty map pieces MS likes to stick in their
    workbooks.  Plan Perfect import is working again and our newly supplied WK1
    tests load better now that we have some function mapping.  Zbigniew has
    returned and is banging at enhancing the plugin system.  Morten and I have
    been busy checking ever larger test sets for leaks, and plugging them.
    Grandma Chema also stopped by to get a few nifty bugs fixed.

    NOTE : We have disabled building 1.1 using gcc-2.96.  There are a few known
       areas where the compiler shipped with RH/Mandrake was causing numeric
       inaccuracies in Gnumeric.  If you don't mind that feel free to manually
       remove the prohibition.

    NOTE : Although this is a development release it should be quite stable.
      There are is still feature regressions from 1.0 (porting graphs to gtk2)
      but other than that this release should be usable.  Please play with it.

        * Fix and speed up the XL exporter.
        * Make the behavior for right button consistent in all contexts.
        * Fix import of frozen panes.
        * Fix XL export of functions with fewer args than XL requires
        * Improve the wk1 importer
        * Implement some of Harlan's CELL routines to help the wk1 importer
        * Make sheet deletion multi-view safe.
        * More fixes for named expressions.
        * Remove old bogosity when importing the err form of #REF!
        * Fix handling of embedded newlines for gtk2
        * Fix Chema's bug.
        * Don't leak clipboard on exit.
        * Have Enter move the edit_pos while in the editline the same way it
          does in the cell.
        * Support Double click in cell to start editing.
        * Change the cursor when the mouse is in the edit item.
        * Improve (Fix?) colwidth exporting in xls
        * Fix XLS name import in the presence of external links
        * Extend XLS array import
        * Take a step towards supporting external links in XLS.
        * Fix reporting of import errors.
        * Fix ref-count problem importing builtin names in XLS.
        * Enable and patch the plan perfect importer.
        * Fix ref-count problem with cell comments.
        * Ultra basic support for Excel 95 Polygon objects.
        * Fix color leak with grid color change, and small warning.

        * New random distribution functions (mostly integrated from the 
          GNU Scientific Library with some minor modifications):
        * New random distributions for the random number generation tool:
          Gaussian Tail, Landau, and Uniform integer.
        * New financial function, VDB(), integrated from the OpenOffice
          with some modifications and clean up.
        * New statistical functions (integrated from the R 1.5.1 and
          GSL 1.1.1):
        * Added `Filter->Show All'.
        * Improved the function description layout in the
          `Insert->Function' dialog.
        * Function documentation improvements.
        * Implemented standard errors output for the exponential
          smoothing tool.
        * Implemented the `Risk Simulation Tool'.  You cannot find it in
          XL, you have to pay more to get it as an extra add-in.
        * Implemented SIMTABLE() function related to the risk simulation
        * Initial EUROCONVERT() function.

        * Fix random number generator to really use /dev/urandom.
        * More utf8 work.
        * Make search utf8 safe (assuming utf8-ready regexp routines).

J.H.M. Dassen (Ray):
        * Update desktop to reflect wider mime support.

        * Work on the plugins.

* Availability


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