Release Digest: GNOME, January 12, 2004

gURLChecker 0.7.6


gURLChecker 0.7.6 (unstable branch)


gURLChecker is a graphic web links checker. It can work on a
whole site, a single local page or a browser bookmarks file.


WARNING: You must delete manually your old “~/.gurlchecker”
directory in order to test this new unstable release. If not, it
will crash on loading your old projects.

  • Task #2516 (Use libxml2 to parse HTML) is now ok.
  • Task #2901 (Speed bookmarks checking) is ok now. Also added a
    “Speed check” option for web projects.
  • Now use new g_io_* API instead of deprecated gdk_input_*.
  • Reduced number of items to serialize when saving a
  • Task #2899 (Enable web browser parameters) is ok now.
  • Enhancement of main tree view tooltips appeance for displaying
    information in a more readable way.




GNOME Software Map entry


gnome-vim 2004-01-10


gnome-vim 2004-01-10


Gnome-vim is project to allow using Vim as a Bonobo component.
Currently it is possible to use Vim as an alternate editor in
Evolution instead of the default HTML editor.

The source code is a patch which must be applied to the vim
source code. The goal is to improve the quality of this
implementation and eventually merge it into the official vim


Over the last few months the bonobo implementation was
completely reworked and now lives in the vim executable itself.
This restructuring has allowed many further improvements to be
made. For example, Vim’s toolbars and menus now appear in the
embedding application, and Evolution’s auto-backup doesn’t
interfere with editing.



GNOME Software Map entry


GOK 0.9.5


We’d like to announce the release of version 0.9.5 of GOK, the
GNOME Onscreen Keyboards Suite.

What is it?

GOK is designed to allow access to the GNOME desktop and other X
applications by people who cannot use a physical keyboard (or
mouse), or in situations where a physical keyboard is not

What’s new in 0.9.5 ?

  • Mostly bug fixes.
  • Added UI for specification of an extra word completion list
    file (good for i18n)
  • Note build dependancy updated: gtk+ 2.3.1
  • Sticky keys are now set more consistently (Thanks Muktha

    Bugfixes: #126727, #127296, #127397, #128934, #126298, #127966,
    #128438, #127053, #128692, #129972, #129629, #130807, #106978

New Translations:

  • ar (Arafat Medini), hr (Robert Sedak), lt (Tomas Kuliavas)

Where can I get it ?


go gok!

David and the rest of the GOK team

gcalctool 4.3.37




gcalctool is the default GNOME desktop calculator.

It has Basic, Financial and Scientific modes. Internally it uses
multiple precision arithmetic to produce results to a high degree
of accuracy.

This release is for the GNOME 2.5.3 call for tarballs.

Changes since the last version

  • Fixed bug 130078. Changed the y^x button label to x^y (really x
    superscript y). Adjusted the tooltip message to “Raise displayed
    value to the power of y”.
  • Fixed bug 130282 again. Needed to remove the “|| tsep[0] == ””
    check from the get_tsep() routine in order to get the thousands
    separator to correctly work in all locales. Note that there is no
    thousands separator now for the C locale.
  • Numerous updated translations.



[Although some of the ftp mirrors may take a little while to

Rich Burridge

GGV 2.5.2

“Sancta Simplicitas”, honoring the UI freeze, has come

novelties in the coding department:

  • a bug in cursor caching code has been exterminated
  • interfacing between the PostScript display component and GGV
    shell has been made cleaner
  • the shell deactivates the control frame before destroying the
    window itself.
  • visibility settings have been moved from top level popup menu
    to a submenu.
  • Removed OrigTree.pm from EXTRA_DIST. can’t those intltool folks
    make up their mind once and for all;)
  • if a file that’s being watched can’t be reloaded once (because
    it was halfway written by a tool like dvips), GGV now persists
    watching it and attempts to load it again when the file changes.
    fixes #127214.
  • simplified UI: no more Quit, only Close, removed New. inspired
    by a suggestion and an initial patch by Mikael Brockman. fixes
  • changed scrollbar step increment to equal the arrow keys’
    scrolling increment. fixes #126639.
  • the recent-files code has been updated via a merge with libegg
    and made to use GtkIconTheme, the latter resulting in possible
    breaking of the whole recent files icon stuff.
  • added a mnemonic for fullscreen mode. fixes #119848.
  • added X-GNOME-DocPath entry to ggv.desktop file – I suppose it
    can’t hurt.
  • fixed (hopefully) the RPM spec file. fixes #122003.

the local-patriotism section:

we have some new (Bangla) and updated translations: Portuguese
(Duarte), Bangla (Sayamindu), Mongolian (Sanlig), French
(Christophe), Catalan (Jordi), German (Christian), Italian
(Francesco), Spanish (Francisco Javier).

available, as usual at:


have fun,



OpenOffice.org build:

This package contains the Gnome integration work for
OpenOffice.org, and a much simplified build wrapper, making an OO.o
build / install possible for the common man. It is a staging ground
for up-streaming patches to OO.o.

Changes in this (paper bag) release:

  • bug fixes
    • recent-files portability/compile (Anil)
    • set_soenv.in:GetCorrectPath (Michael)
    • system spell problem (Rene)
  • features
    • quilt output from ‘apply’ (Martin)
    • more icons mapped (Michael)
    • partial 1.1.1a support (Martin)

Package available from:


To find out more and/or get involved in OOo hacking see http://ooo.ximian.com/ and/or
subscribe to our OO.o development mailing list at:


<><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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