Release Digest: GNOME, July 8, 2002

netspeed_applet 0.2


netspeed_applet 0.2


netspeed_applet is a little gnome applet that shows the traffic on a
specified networksdevice in kbytes/s.

- ported to gnome2
- new cool icons for network-card (ethX, etc.) and ppp (pppX)



libgda/libgnomedb/gnome-db 0.8.192

libgda/libgnomedb/gnome-db 0.8.192 have been released.

libgda/libgnomedb are a complete framewok for developing
applications, and actually allow access to PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle,
SQLite and ODBC data sources.
gnome-db is a set of visual applications that let you access from a nice
UI all the features provided in libgda/libgnomedb.

This is another preview release of the GNOME 2 versions of these 3
projects, andlikely to be the last one before the final gASQL/gnome-db
merging, which is
now showing in your nearest CVS server.

libgda 0.8.192

 - Some work on the report engine (carlos)
 - More API documentation (gonzalo, rodrigo)
 - Added gda_connectionexecnon_query to GdaConnection API (rodrigo)
 - Added get_database virtual method on providers (rodrigo)
 - Added change_database virtual method on providers (rodrigo)
 - Added command line tool for libgda configuration (gonzalo)
 - Fixed many config API problems (gonzalo)
 - Allow storing passwords in data sources (rodrigo)
 - Added GdaTransaction class for a better use of transactions (rodrigo)
 - Added gda_clientopen_connectionfrom_string to GdaClient API
 - Re-added PARENT_TABLES schema from the GNOME 1.4 branch (rodrigo,
 - First working version of the Oracle provider for the new API (tim)
 - Fixed PostgreSQL tests (gonzalo)
 - Updated SQLite provider to the latest changes (carlos)
 - Added SQL parser (andru)
 - Improved error management in GdaConnection class (gonzalo)
 - Updated translations:
        - da (olau)
        - es (pablodc)
        - ko (cwryu)
        - no (kmaraas)
        - pl (chyla)
        - pt (dnloreto)
        - sk (stano)
        - sv (menthos)
        - sl (minmax)
        - vi (pablo)

libgnomedb 0.8.192

 - Fixed parallel installation of pixmaps (tagoh)
 - Fixed parallel installation of Bonobo components (tagoh)
 - Fixed schema files for translation (rodrigo)
 - Added control center applet for database connections config (rodrigo)
 - Extended GnomeDbGrid API (rodrigo)
 - Allow edition of passwords associated with data sources (rodrigo)
 - Small compilation fixes (damon)
 - New & improved GnomeDbBrowser widget (rodrigo, gonzalo)
 - Fixed English sentences (kmaraas)
 - Fixed crash when exiting gnome-db-components (gonzalo)
 - Added gnome_db_config API based on Gconf and synchronized with the
   API in libgda (gonzalo)
 - Fixed displaying of errors in GnomeDbError widget (gonzalo)
 - Updated translations:
        - da (olau)
        - es (pablodc)
        - ko (cwryu)
        - no (kmaraas)
        - pl (chyla)
        - pt (dnloreto)
        - sk (stano)
        - sl (minmax)
        - sv (menthos)º

gnome-db 0.8.192

 - Removed manager component, as all configuration is all managed by the
   libgnomedb's control center applet (rodrigo)
 - Fixed problems with icons and Bonobo (gonzalo)
 - Updated translations:
        - no (kmaraas)
        - pl (chyla)
        - sl (minmax)
        - sv (menthos)

Tarballs are available at

To install this new version, you'll need:
* libgda: glib, libxml2, libxslt
* libgnomedb: libgda and dependencies, libgnome/ui, libglade,
* gnome-db: libgda/libgnomedb and dependencies

You can find more information at the projects' homepage
(http://www.gnome-db.org), or you can ask any question/propose anything
you want in the GNOME-DB mailing list, which is available at

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