Release Digest, GNOME, September 11, 2002

XmlView 0.0.5


XmlView 0.0.5 "Fogones de Bernal"


Viewer for xml files for use in Nautilus (or another Bonobo based file
manager) use a SAX parser and a colorfull tree view.

Show error with Xml Files with invalid.
This version look better with dark themes. Feedback is welcome. May be the
next version is GConfiged :)

Wrap on mode.
DTD validation.
XSL transformation. 



Sodipodi 0.25

Yes, it is.

Go grab your copy from:


What is Sodipodi?

Sodipodi is a vector based drawing program, like CorelDraw ® or Adobe
Illustrator ® from the proprietary software world, and Sketch or
KIllustrator from the free software world. It is free software,
distributed under the terms of Gnu General Public License, Version 2.

Sodipodi uses W3C SVG as native file format, being thus very useful tool
for web designers.

I has relatively modern display engine, giving you fine antialiased
display, alpha transparencies, vector fonts and so on. Sodipodi is
written in C, using Gtk+ toolkit and some Gnome libraries. 

Release notes

Too much time has passed from the last release. Lot has changed inside
sodipodi, so do expect this release to be buggier and slower than 0.24.
But otherwise it is cool and no doubt together we can make it better for
the next release.


    * Text object manages now the whole tree of  and TEXT nodes, 
      multiline text thus being compatible with SVG specification. Old 
      sodipodi files will be converted to new format automatically if 
    * Linear gradient unit space and transformation is now calculated 
      correctly. Only viewport relative percentages are not supported.
    * Style parsing and inheritance is much better now. Specifically 
      most distances are now handled correctly.
    * There is working pen tool in addition to pencil.
    * Vertical writing mode is supported, although font metrics are 
    * Line width behaves as it should bot in display and print.
    * Text object gradient is correct in display mode too.
    * Stroke can have gradient fill. No printing yet, but it does work 
      in display and bitmap export.
    * Command line arguments are working. Plus there are arguments to 
      convert SVG to PNG from command line (no X needed)
    * There are nifty star, spiral and arc tool, the latter replacing 
      old ellipse tool.
    * Bitmaps can be traced to vector from context menu, using autotrace
      and frontline.
    * Several objects have now property dialogs and node editing mode.
    * There is tool options dialog for some tools.


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