Release Digest: GNOME, September 29, 2002

GNet 1.1.6

GNet 1.1.6 ("Square Meal") has been released.

GNet 1.1.6 is a bug fix release.

GNet is a simple network library.  It is written in C,
object-oriented, and built upon GLib (1.2 or 2.0).  It is licensed
under the GNU LGPL.

The GNet homepage is 

Tarball and RPMs available.

1.1.6 ("Square meal" release)
* IOChannels are non-buffering, non-encoded by default (for GLib 2.0)
* examples are now build by default
* gnet_inetaddr_list_interfaces() bug fix
* FreeBSD compile fix (affected gnet_inetaddr_list_interfaces())

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rubrica rubrica-


Rubrica is an addressbook for Gnome desktop. Rubrica store personal data
(first name, last name,...), web urls and emails, telepnone numbers
(home,...), job data (company name, company address, assigment in company),
notes (contact is married,...)


First stable release after porting to Gnome2. Port isn't complete but
rubrica2 is enough stable and usable. Rubrica has a new gui, a new
configuration dialog window. In this release no new features are added,
except the opportunity to group addresses.





Gdk-pixbuf 0.20.0

Dear lovers of two-part solutions,

Version 0.20.0 "I love the smell of XTOL in the morning" of the
Gdk-pixbuf library has been released.  This is an important bugfix

* What is Gdk-pixbuf?

It is the library that the GNOME 1.4 platform uses for loading images,
spanning the whole range between G and XXX ratings, inclusive.

* Availability:


* Changes in this release:

- Merged the patch from Red Hat Linux 8.0 to fix the crash on
  corrupted/short GIFs - Ximian #29040 (patch by Elliot Lee

- Fixed the RGB 565 LSB -> MSB case in gdk-pixbuf-drawable - #79463

- Fixed the update region notification in the BMP loader (Federico).

- Merged the BMP loader changes from GTK+ HEAD -- check all reallocs,
  fix 16bpp BI_RGB thinko, properly handle BI_RLE4 and skips and jumps
  (changes by Matthias Clasen ).

- Merged the ICO loader changes from GTK+ HEAD (changes by Matthias
  Clasen ).



led_applet 0.2


led_applet 0.2


This gnome2 applet shows the status of the lock-keys (Num, Caps and Scroll)
of your keyboard. Very usefull if you don't have leds on the keyboard (for
example wireless keyboards often don't have leds).


- you can now choose which leds to show


- now installed in libexec instead of bin



Cantus 1.0


Cantus 1.0


Mass rename filenames and set ID3tags as well as OGG tags. Has ability to
define filters. With Freedb support.


- Renamed the project from "gmp3" to "Cantus" (because it supports OGG now,
- Optimized the GUI


- Very many!



Gstreamer Player 0.4.1

Gstreamer Player "The Dutch Loss" 0.4.1 released [1]

Homepage: http://www.gstreamer.net/apps/gst-player/

This is a the release of the GStreamer Player. It should be used with
GStreamer release version 0.4.1. The player is still in the early stages
of development and things may not work as expected. YOU HAVE BEEN

* The aim of the player is to: be the best player of video files on
GStreamer platforms
* be useful as a player for all media types supported by GStreamer

It now has the following working features:

    * Play/Pause and Stop
    * Seek slider
    * Volume slider and mute
    * Mini mode
    * Fullscreen video mode
    * %50, %100 & %200 video magnification
    * Certified to play Las Ketchup - Asereje

The following things don't really work:

    * The playlist
    * Playing some audio file types like mod, sid
    * At the end of a file it doesn't really stop, just pause
    * Scaling and Seeking in non-Xv mode

New since last release

    * Plays multiple files seqentially
    * now has an appicon
    * Nautilus view
    * fewer bugs
    * Window title now displays Media Info not application name
    * Media info button in lower right corner
    * Gives good error messages when needed GStreamer plugins are


Here are two screenshots of the media player in action. If you want to
make your own screenshots you need to edit the GStreamer videosink GConf
key. After xvideosink add 'disable-xv=1'. We do not advise using this
for normal viewing if you have Xv support available, as it lowers
performance and disables scaling.

For even more fun, set the key to something like agingTV ! colorspace !


Gst-player is available in tar.gz, bz2, rpm and debian format.
Check this page for details:

Contributors to this release

    * Steve Baker 


    * Olivier Martin 
    * Thomas Vander Stichele 
    * Christian Schaller 
    * Iain Holmes 

[1] Good luck back home Steve


GSwitchIt 0.93

The last milestone release of the GSwitchIt toolkit for GNOME 1

GSwitchIt is going to say "farewell" to GNOME 1. So all the best
features of
XKB handling/configuration/management are here today. There can be some
bugfix releases in 0.9x series (though I cannot really promise) but most
the new development will be done in GNOME 2. So the next version will most

probably be GSwitchIt 2.0 for GNOME 2.

The current version adds more correct handling of the global XKB
(if user wants to use things written in XF86Config) - in read-only mode.
UI polishing according to GNOME Human Interface Guidelines 1.0 was
Tooltips show some useful info in many cases now. The UI terminology of
"groups" and "layouts" is more strict and correspond to
X Window stardards now
(though may be a bit confusing for some users:).

The important change in general XKB configuration handling: now user does
have to add the applet into the GNOME panel to get all the settings from
capplet installed at the session startup. Instead, the XKB configuration 
capplet adds itself to the GNOME session startup sequence and loads the XKB

configuration itself.

Thanks to GNOME Translation Project, Norwegian translation is added.

Some fixes for the latest gcc/autoconf/automake were done too.

Known issues:
1. As usual, in all GNOME 1 releases, the applet configuration is activated

   after the applet restart only.
2. The applet configuration menu item sometimes hangs the applet. It is
   problem (Xlib is a major suspect here). So it is recommended to
   the applet from gnomecc or directly launching 


Emphetamine 0.99.5


Emphetamine 0.99.5


A download manager for GNOME using gnome-vfs. It supports
downloading via http, ftp, and smb. Other protocol modules
can easily be added.


- Uses new gnome-vfs based file selector



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