Release Diguest: GNU, September 9, 2002

GNU Typist 2.6.2


We are pleased to announce the 2.6.2 release of GNU Typist.

GNU Typist (also called gtypist) is a universal typing tutor. You can
learn correct typing and improve your skills by practicing its exercises
on a regular basis. See http//www.gnu.org/software/gtypist/ for more

The main changes are:

Version 2.6.2 - September/2002
        * Now installs lessons (bug only in version 2.6.1).

Version 2.6.1 - August/2002
        * findwords.sh:new  script to help with creating lessons. See
          the manual for details.
        * configure: checks for ncurses if curses if not available.
        * built with automake-1.6.3 and gettext-0.11.5.



Michael Opdenacker  michaelo@gnu.org
GNU Project home:   http://www.gnu.org/
GNU Typist home:    http://www.gnu.org/software/gtypist/
Personal home page: http://michaelo.free.fr/



GNU MARST 2.4 -- Release information

Release date: Sep 9, 2002

GNU MARST is an Algol-to-C translator. It automatically translates
programs written in the algorithmic language Algol 60 (Level 0) into
the ANSI C programming language.

In the previous version of the package four serious bugs were fixed.
Due to these bugs in some rare cases the marst code generator made
wrong references to procedure DSA's.

See the official web page dedicated to GNU MARST at

GNU MARST 2.4 distribution file (about 390K) can be ftp'ed from
 or from some mirror GNU ftp site (see

N.B. The Modified Report on Algol 60, which contains complete
description of the language, is not included in GNU MARST because it
is an official IFIP document. However, there is IFIP's explicit
permission to use that document for any purposes (i.e. it is almost
free, only changes are not allowed). So, if someone wishes to have
got a reprint of that document (from the Computer Journal, 1976;
53 pages, PS 350K, PDF 260K, or DVI 140K, gratis :+), please contact
Andrew Makhorin .

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