Research seems to point to Google infringement of Java code

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for this link. ]

“Fans of Google who were rooting for the company in the
Oracle v. Google copyright infringement case over Java may be a bit
dismayed after reading the claims by one free software advocate
made this morning. According to Florian Mueller, there is mounting
evidence in the original source files from Oracle’s Java and
Google’s Android that code was indeed infringed.

“In fact, Mueller claims that there is even more evidence of
infringement than that highlighted in Oracle’s recent amendment to
the lawsuit, which contains Exhibit J. This exhibit displays
evidence that Oracle claims is clearly infringement on the part of
Google’s Android developers.

“I am not going to be one of those analysts who jumps up and
cries out “infringement!” every time they see similar code. As we
saw way back at the beginning of the SCO v. the Planet Earth
debacle, that kind of behavior can easily be manipulated by either
party in a lawsuit. Mueller likely knows this too, so instead of
just looking at the exhibit, he went off and examined the original
source files from Oracle’s Java and Google’s Android.”

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