Reuters: AOL, Gateway launch new Internet devices

“America Online Inc. and Gateway Inc… said Wednesday they were
unveiling small Internet appliances that will deliver content to
consumers, positioning the companies in the multiple device

“The companies said in a statement that they were introducing
three appliances: an AOL Gateway counter-top appliance that may be
used in kitchens, a wireless Web pad and a desktop appliance that
will serve as a lower-cost option to the traditional personal
computer and will feature calendars and wireless or traditional

“Gateway chief technology officer Peter Ashkin said Gateway has
found that the No. 1 reason customers buy computers is to
experience the benefits of the Internet. He predicted that
a full set of Internet appliances could be expected in the

“The appliances will be powered by the new browser
version, Netscape 6, and will use the LINUX operating
system. For some of the devices for the kitchen, the browser’s
utilities will offer additional features like family messaging
centres and recipes that the browser via the Web will not

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